Visit Lankasri FM from your Mobile

Step 1:


Connect Internet to your mobile (2G, 3G or Wi-Fi)
Step 2: Go to your Mobile Internet Browser
Step 3: Click go to Address
Step 4: Type in Address Bar,
Step 5: Click "Go" to continue
Step 6: You will see Lankasri Fm page as this Nokia mobile image
Step 7:

Click Play, You can click which of those three speed connection Remember. 2G is very speed connection when you go out, 3G also you can try to listen when you go out, but it will buffer depend on your network provider internet speed

Step 8: Link will be connect to Available Player on your mobile device (i.e. - Nokia - Real Player)
Step 9: Enjoy Listening Lankasri FM :)

If you still need help don't forget to call us on +447890682166


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